Casca, you are the first that rears your hand.

Caesar dies in 23 days. We’d better have some assassins.

By historical accounts, the first strike at Caesar came from Tribune of the People, Publius Servilius Casca Longus. We call him Casca.

We’ve also called him a Her.

The Proper Villains are proper excited to introduce our Casca, the delightful Emily Renalson O’Kane.


From the wild moors of Sale in Gippsland, Emily makes her Fringe Festival debut with the Proper Villains Theatre Company. Her previous stage works include The Laramie Project, as part of the 2011 Foundation Short Course at VCA.

She has appeared on the Showtime series Tangle and in the web-series Flat Whites, as well as short films Jack and Sally, Cold Showers and A Literary Tale.

Her Casca is a thing of beauty, danger and intrigue – you can only see it in the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Book your tickets now!


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