Et tu, Brute?

And now, the final nail in Caesar’s coffin – our Marcus Junius Brutus.

May the Proper Villains present, at the last, the smashing Seton Pollock.


A Graduate of NIDA, Seton makes his Melbourne debut with this production of Julius Caesar.

Whilst at NIDA Seton appeared in David Williamson’s Third World Blues, Gorky’s “Summerfolk” and as Pericles in William Shakespeare’s Pericles.

Staying in Sydney after graduating, Seton worked on “Kitty, Fifi and Jason Dale” in the 2010 Sydney Fringe Festival, and as Jack in Lord of the Flies at The New Theatre.

He’s now living in Melbourne, and is the final member of our cast you need to meet.

BUT WAIT, you cry, thinking back over these 8 posts…

What of Antony? and Octavius? Have we met them yet…and the other conspirators? Cinna the Poet? Who is cut and who remains?

To find that out, you’ll have to Book your tickets now!!


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